Introducing Captor — Gamified NFT Platform

NFT has taken the mainstream users by storm. The adoption of NFT brings the blockchain technology to its real world use case. The NFT space is a huge marketplace with great potential to help a lot of people by selling their creations — digital contents, from digital art, photos, audios, videos and animations.

Unfortunately, there’s only 3 things you can do in an NFT marketplace right now — buy, sell and collect.

Captor is rewarding, we’d made collecting more fun by adding gamification features to our platform by rewarding the user for every interaction and participation. We are the first to introduce a Rewarder System where all our token contracts will be connected to issue allocated reward tokens to our users. We are reinventing the way NFT collecting and token rewarding is done.

Captor is multi-chain, initially deployed to Binance Smart Chain to help creators and collectors mint their digital content with low transaction fees and high transaction speed. The platform will also be deployed to any Ethereum Smart Contract compatible blockchain protocols specially in Ethereum once gas prices are low and acceptable.

Captor is decentralize organization, users can use $CLEAR tokens to participate in the platform, help curate digital items, vote for featured artists, buy and sell, join in contests, and more. The $CLEAR token will power the entire Captor ecosystem.



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